Chapter 8-16

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“Your pissing me off.”

“No! Your pissing me off.”

“No, you are.”

“No, you.”

“Ok, I get it. You’re both pissing, the other off. Now, I’m pissed off,” I say.

“Wow, Phil. That’s very sweet of you to say that,” Lyne sarcastically says.

Well… Bruno and I, are close friends. More like brothers, but with different parents and a huge, age gap. But that’s not stopping me from saving him from another heartbreak, like the other girl did. I hope everything’s different with Lyne. I hope Lyne is the one, he wants to be with forever. I know that feeling. The haunting feeling of Doo-Wop music.

“Bruno? Can I talk to you in private?” I ask.

“Bullshit. Phil. Just give him a break, like what I gave myself. Until Keisha wanted y’all to come and help out with the new sugababes album,” Lyne explained, the whole reason why the Smeezingtons are here in London. She can easily send us back to L.A. If we’re not careful on what we say.

“Fuck you, Lyne. And Phil. Sure, I’ll talk to you in private,” Bruno fakes a smile.

Bruno and I headed out of the door, and started to talk about the music, career, family, and Lyne. Lyne? What has she have to do with music?

“God. Damn it. You, your thinking of fucking coming home to your wife.”

I shock my head in disagreement.

“Good. Lyne and I are together, and she’ll never hurt me. God. We wrote Talking to the Moon with our girls in our minds. I was thinking of her the whole fucking time,” he puts out his cigaratte. “And time to get to work, Phil. We’re here to get paid to write for three women in mind.”

The next day. I saw Bruno, Phil and Ari just coming in the studio at 2pm in the afternoon. I walked up to them with Keisha.

“Damn y’all. Y’all was supposed to be here 7 hours ago,” I say, mad.

“We’re so sorry, Lyne. I know you, can send us back. But we’ll be here early, next time,” Phil pleeds.

We all argued for a while. It continued into the studio. Studio D to be exact. Studio B was being used by Rihanna for her forth album. Does that girl ever sleeps or get a fucking rest, between albums? I guess not.

“Y’all owe me, 7 hours of progress. Got it.”

“Sure!” they say in harmony.

I sat myself down on the studio’s sofa, and started to text Jesse in L.A.

“Damn,” Bruno whispers.

“She’s fucking mean. I can’t believe you like her,” Phil whispers back to Bruno.

I pretend not to hear them, talk to Bruno about me. I wanted to scream at them, but I do agree with Phil. I am a little mean.

“Wait. You like her,” Ari says.

“Shhh!” Bruno and Phil says, to keep Ari quiet.

I stand up, and sat beside Bruno at the table and I say, “Silly boys, I ain’t got no time to talk.”

“That’s actual good, but the one you texted me. I wrote a song out of it, and recorded it. Also, that’s a good start than what we’re coming up with,” Bruno spills.

“Why? What did y’all come up with?” I ask.


I laugh.

“Yeah. It is funny,” Phil agrees.

We, all began to do a laughing competition, that lasted for an hour.

Hahahahahahahahaha! Laughing Competition… Who wants in? No! Ok! Here’s chapter 10.

I was walking in the studio lobby when I see Keisha sitting on a sofa, alone. I walk up to her and said, “Hey! Keisha. What’s wrong?”

“Lyne…” Keisha says.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her again.

“The girls replaced me,” she cries, “they did. They replaced me with that Eurovision girl… Uhmm… Jade Ewan.”

I sat on the seat, right next to her - not noticing who was behind me. I handed Keisha, a Klenix tissue paper from my rare Gucci handbag.

“Thank you,” she says, whipping her tears away.

I hear the clapping. I look over to the over sofa. I see Ari, sitting there. Ari came towards me and Keisha, and sat beside me. I quickly moved myself, next to Keisha.

“Damn girl…” Ari says.

“What, Ari Lavine?” I ask.

“Does Bruno know about you and Jesse still dating?  Don’t answer that. Lemme guess, you love Bruno and Jesse. But you want Bruno and Jesse. Lyne, lemme tell you this. You can’t have both guys. You can’t be in love with both guys,” Ari lectures me about boys.

“He is right, you know,” Keisha quickly agrees with Ari.

“Keisha, back me up on this one.”


I roll my eyes.

“So, Yesterday. You literally gave Bruno a song idea, and me, Phil, Bruno wrote ‘Get Sexy’ in the hotel room on the same day. After that Bruno texts the label to tell the girls about it. I told him, not to,” Ari tells me and Keisha what happened yesterday night.

I look at Ari for a while, I start to cry inside of me. I couldn’t make myself show it to anyway, who doesn’t know me for me. I mean, Ari knows me well, but not well enough to trust him, to see me down.

“He even sang… I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. He rocked it,” Ari continues.

I smile with my eyes at Ari.

“He also wrote another song for you,” Ari says.

“Yeah… What is it?” I ask him.

“It’s called,” Ari chuckles for a little bit, “Ok… It’s called again.”

“Tell me a line from it,” I say with my eyes wide open in my heart.

“For you, I do it all over again,” Ari says, one line from the song.

“For you… I… do… it… all over… again… again… again,” I sing the line.

“Damn. Bruno is gonna love you even more, if demo that song to Natasha Bedingfield or something,” Ari says to me, while looking like a dork.

“Nah! I’m not up for that.”

“Ok! That’s fine by me.”

Damn. I felt so sorry. Lyne is an amazing woman. Well, young woman, but I can live with that. I can apologize to her with a date for tonight. I picked up my Ray Bans and my brown fedora hat. I grabbed my Blackberry cellphone and called this fancy restaurant that Lyne can only afford. Lyne can afford, anything. From bands to singers. On her eighteenth birthday, she just wanted to spend sometime with Jesse and her family. I has excluded from all of that, but things can change between me and her. Trust me, the sex dragon with this.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Hello! This is the Delora Hotel Restaurant. How can I help you?”

“I need a reserveration for two,” I say.

“When and who is that for, sir?”

“It’s for tonight at seven.”

“Can I take a name, sir?”

“Brun… Uhmm… Peter Hernandez.”

“Thank you for calling, Delora Hotel Restaurant.”

I hang up, after the front desk lady did. Wow. I mean, Damn. She called me, Sir. For the first time, I feel so connected to people in her world. The people with a lot of god damn money. I don’t care, if I have to pay. She’s Lyne, and Lyne doesn’t pay when it comes to dates. Now, where did I left my wallet? It’s here, somewhere. I sat on the chair and start to bounce. I feel my wallet. I got out of the hotel room and headed for the studio.

When I got into the studio. I saw Phil and Ari talking to Lyne. I walk towards them. I give Lyne a hug and a smile. She smiles back.

“Bruno. They were just talking to me about the time that you came to Los Angeles. You met my best friend, Cassandra Lopez? What happened to you two?” Lyne asks me.

Damn. She’s gonna find out. The whole damn thing. The afro, the latte and Cassandra’s expensive cadillac car. I look at Phil and Ari.

“Just tell her, Bruno. Cassandra was my friend. She met me, before she met you. Come on. Talk about 2003,” Phil begs.

“Uhh… I need some time to tell her the story, but I have something to tell her,” I say. I turn to Lyne and say, “Lyne. Me, you. Dinner. At the Delora Hotel Restaurant.”

“That’s expensive. Are you sure that you can pay for that?”

See, what I meant? She’ll have the guy to pay for the whole thing. I hope, she realizes the money that I have between me, Phil and Ari. Will she? I just hope so.

When the hour of the date came. I literally just forgotten about it. It was stupidest thing that I ever did. I wish I could change it, but Phil reminded me about a thousand times, and Ari. He reminded me about a thousand times too. I ran to Delora Hotel Restaurant as fast as I could go. When I got there. I saw her. I saw Lyne with another guy. Was I that late? That she has to get someone to enjoy her dinner with her. It was a date, and I left her there. Shit. I started to cry. I run back to the hotel room. I opened the door.

“Hey! Bruno. Your back early,” Ari says.

I egnored him.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” Phil asks.

I egnored Phil too. I jumped in the bed and cried.

I walk into the Studio. Studio B. Of course. I see Phil, Ari and Brody, and not Bruno. I walk towards Ari and I tap him on the shoulder. He turns and says, “Hey! Lyne.”

“Where the fuck is Bruno?” I ask him.

“He called in sick, but he didn’t even tell us. Why? So, yeah.”

I roll up eyes.

“If your not going to tell me, then I’m going to find out, myself,” I told them. I walked out of the Studio and ran to my cadillac car and drove to the hotel.

When I got there. I walked all the way to his room and banged on the door. I say, “BRUNO. GET THE FUCK OUT OFF THIS ROOM. NOW.”

I couldn’t hear his footsteps for a while. I dropped on the floor, thinking of last time that I ever did this. It was two years ago when he broke up with Cassandra. He was so upset that I couldn’t even get him out, so quick. I think it’s the same, this time. This time, It’s me. I think I broke his heart, but how did I broke his heart. I don’t even know. For a while. I sat down on the floor with my gucci shoes off my feet. I look up, I saw Bruno. He sat down, beside me. He said, “Look. I’m sorry that I didn’t call you.”

“Bruno. I don’t care. It’s just that how can I do this to a guy like you?”

“Uhmm… Lyne. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Wanna come in?”


I got up from the floor. Well… Bruno picked me up and throws me on his bed. He went back to the door, to close it. He walks back to me and kisses me…

This is the next part… I feel like it’s an episode from Keeping Up With the fucking Kardashians.

I woke up and got my clothes on. Bruno was in the bathroom pissing. I didn’t want to walk in on him again. I layed back down with my Blackberry in my hand. I heard his random flushing over and over again.

“BRUNO,” I yell.

“Sorry,” he says.

“Thank you,” I say, while he comes out of the bathroom.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I placed my Blackberry on a table. I turned around. The next thing, I knew was… Bruno was on top of me.

“Can you just stop?” I ask.


I got up and fixed my clothes on me and I say, “FYI. We need to head over to the studio and wrap up, the Sugababes’s album.”

He looks at me, smiling.

“Come on. Bruno.”

“Hahaha. I know that.”

When we got to the Studio. Phil and Ari were already there. But how? They don’t know, anything about London. It’s just the Smeezington’s first time in Europe. I went up to them, dragging Bruno along with me.

“Why y’all here, early?” Bruno asks.

“You were busy and we can’t just walked in on you two, so…” Phil says.

“So, we both decided to stay here and sleep,” Ari finishes off, Phil’s sentence.

“Hahaha. I sorry. Y’all can relax, tomorrow. And by the way, how much did y’all waste, anyways?”

“About 150 pounds. Why?”

“Nice. 50 dollars to spear.”

They look at me.

“I’m not kidding, first time that I was here. I spent about 5k pounds on myself and 2k on presents.”

“That’s because your rich.”

“I know, Bruno.”

“Fuck this. I wanna be a billionare sooo fucking bad, bitch.”


“Yeah. Like you.”

“Hahaha. My family owns Elektra. We can hook y’all up with a contract.”

“Nah. We rather do this, ourselves.”

“Ok. I was gonna call, Travis or maybe even Bobby to hear your demos.”

“BOBBY!” Phil says, “His my bud.”

I smile.

“Come on, Bruno.”


“Ok. Bye guys. I’m off to Roma, Italy to meet up with my boyfriend.”

I walk out off the studio, leaving the door… Wide open.

I sit on the sofa. I heard to boys’s footsteps. I didn’t look back.

“Lay-knee. You pulled that off, once on Jesse. It’s never gonna happen with me.”

I look at Bruno and look back down on my Gucci shoes.

“Uhh… Bruno. I don’t think, she’s lying,” Phil says from behind him.

“Uhm… You don’t know, Lyne like I fucking do.”

“She’s my friend’s friend. I know her and she’s not lying.”

I stand up, almost crying.

“Tell them. Lay-knee.”

“I’m sorry, Bruno. You are out of this world, but I don’t care. It’s really nothing, but I’ve got to go, before I miss my plane. Bye,” I say, I leaving the studio.

Thanks to everyone that’s been following the fanfic. This is the final chapter for part 1. Part 2 is coming up next. NO, Bruno until Part 3.

I head over to the check in desk and check in my only luggage. I look over my shoulder. I see Ari and Phil running after me, shouting “DON’T GO.”

I turn around and smile. Ari looks down on the ground, he wasn’t even following Phil towards. I hate it. I hate it. I’m breaking up, best friends because of something way too stupidly insane. Damnity, damn, damn, damn. I hate me and I hate this. I feel Phil’s hand on my shoulder. I place my hand on top of his.

“Bruno really needs you, right now,” he says, not making sense to me, at all. “Please, Lyne. Please stay, if not for Bruno… for me.” I turn around and I was about to cry. “Bruno is my best friend and he hates me, right now. He fucking hates me, Lyne.”

I didn’t answer Phil. I walked away instead. I ran to the gates, I started to cry. I cried all the way on to the plane, knowing that I’m making some sort of mistake about this, about all of this shit. Why is it so hard? Why am I still thinking about what happened between me and Bruno when I still got Jesse?

Part 2: ROME… So, this is a different relationship. Lyne and Jesse are like childhood friends and now they’re dating. So, I hope
y’all like this. But Bruno will be coming into the story soon.

*sighs* Rome. Walking out of the airport, trying to find a cab to drive to my hotel. I look around again and again. I see no one around.

“Where’s a cab when you need one?” I think to myself.

I feel a tap on my shoulder from behind me and I scream, turning around and hitting the person with my Coach handbag.

“Damn. Lyne. God,” the person says with their hand on their face. “It’s me, Jesse.”

“Shit, Jesse. God, you scared me,” I say, putting my hand on my heart, feeling a heavy pound. “You really fucking scared me.”

“Woah. Watch your language, Lyne.” Jesse grabs hold of my hand. “And besides, I was hear even before you touched down.”

I look at Jesse, like he was. You know. “Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?”

Jesse chuckles. “If I told you that I’ll be ruining the surprise.”

“That what?” I say, as I got into his car. “That your gonna go through with it.”

He closes the door, walks to the other side and gets in. “If I was too tell you this surprise would be ruined.” He looks at the direction of the door and closes it. “You wouldn’t be shocked, Laycie.” He leans in towards me. “Remember when we first met. You were just so young and I was only twelve.”

I nod in agreement. “Yes. I actually still remember that.” I lean in to close the gap between his and my lips.