Chapter 85

16/03/2012 10:47


The next day Evie sat at the kitchen table watching Lucy eat her breakfast.

”Mom…why didn’t we go to Brazil with Bruno?” she asked.

”Because we have school.” she said standing up from the table glancing at the time.

”Oh…but I can miss school. I’m only in kindergarten. What do you really learn in kindergarten?  I already know how to read and I can count to 500….one…two..three…four….”

”Lucy…you need to go to school because I said so.” Evie laughed.

”But mommmm….” she whined.

”Nope. I have to go to school too so you have to suffer with me. It will be summer soon enough.” she said handing her daughter her bright green hoodie walking toward the door with her own bags.


”Babbbyyyyy….I’m soooo siccckkkk….” Evie heard her voicemail as she walked through the crowd leaving the courthouse.

”Shit….” she said to herself walking to the car calling Bruno back knowing that she probably wouldn’t hear from him. The phone rang a few times then was picked up.

”Eve?” she heard on the other end.

”Ryan…what’s wrong?” she asked him.

”He ate something real shitty. He said it was worse than when he was in Pittsburg. Do you remember that?”

”Oh….yeah…he told me he was sick but that was it.” she told him. ”Shit..he has a sensitive little tummy…”

”He’ll be okay though…I think. He was just being a baby….” Ryan told him.

”Fuck that, baby….” Bruno said taking the phone from Ryan.

”Bruno…I don’t think I can really help you when I’m 8,000 miles away.” she told him.

”I know you can’t. I just wanted to hear your voice.” he told her. ”I’m better now…I just…I….”

”That’s sweet Bruno. I’m sorry you don’t feel good. Are you gonna make it through the show?”

” think I can. I would feel horrible canceling it…” he told her. ”We already canceled one of them….”

”I know.” she said sympathetically. ”You do what you think is best.”

”Okay. I have to go….” he said feeling Dre pull his shirt toward the hotel room. ”I love you. Tell Lucy good night for me.”

”I will. Good night, B.” she said opening the car door for Lucy seeing her run up to the car with her hair messy and her hoodie falling off her shoulders.

”Moommmmm….” Lucy whined.

”What baby doll?” she asked.

”My teacher asked if you were married to Bruno today.” she responded.

”And what did you say?” she replied.

”I told her that you were just doing laundry for him.” Lucy answered.

”Oh god..Lucy…she’s totally going to call me tonight.” Evie laughed.