Chapter 89-94

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“Bruno.” I said opening the patio door. He brung his head up from his hands, “What’s up babe?” “Do you mind if I go out.. I know you’re tired and all..” I said massging my hands into his shoulders. “Oh na baby go out and have a great time,” he said softly. I smiled kissing him on the back of his neck, “Thanks Bru.” I kept massaging his shoulders, I could tell by the way he was sitting and his voice that something was on his mind. However, I really didn’t want to ask because there was no point of me getting upset right now. I was finally going to see my girls after all the months we had been apart. I got up giving him a peck on the cheek. I watched him pull his arms over his face in the reflection off of the patio door. I looked down and slid it open and kept going to the bedroom. After getting dressed I came back out to find him on his laptop. He tilted his head back looking at me. “I love you.. and what you’re wearing.” he said with a cute smirk. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him, “Love you too Bru.” I continued on looking for my keys. “And call me.. if you need anything you know..” he said softly. “And drive safe please..” he added. “Okay..” I said quietly out of frustration from looking for my keys. “Diamond.. they’re on the rack..” he said causing me to close my eyes and grind my teeth. “You always do that.” he laughed. I turned around grabbing them off of the rack now even looking back. “Bye.” he said softly as I opened the door. “Bye babe.” I said smiling to myself and closing the door behind me. I made my way out to my car, my heels clicking every second on the pathway. As soon as I jumped in I dialed Leiyah’s digits.

I woke up to my phone vibrating somewhere near me. I quickly grabbed at my the pocket on my t-shirt and the pocket of my jeans. I got up looking around like frantically until I found it underneath the pillow. “Hello?” I said a bit groggy, rubbing my eyes. “Bruno.. are you gonna come or what?” she said bringing me back to reality. “You know I really don’t know..” I said running my hand threw my hair. “Please.” she damn near moaned. I closed my eyes tight pressing my lips together. “Just this one time.” I looked around the room, all the goods and bad running threw my mind. Maybe if I just go she’ll leave me alone after this. Maybe I’ll actually have a good time and we actually catch up. Maybe she’s changed. “Bruno?” “Shit.” I said putting my palm to my forehead. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.. yeah I was sleeping.” “Okay well….” she said dragging out her words. Without thinking again I spoke, “What’s the address?” I moved about grabbing a piece of notepad paper from the kitchen and a pen from the top of the piano. “Okay got it.” I said tossing the pen back in. “I’m on my way..” I said trying not to sound stressed about the situation. “We’ll see.” she said hanging up. I groaned pushing my phone back into my pocket. I had no idea if I was making the wrong or right decision. But, the deed was already done. I turned off the TV before I made my way back into the bedroom grabbing a hat and a flannel. I threw my hat on my head and buttoned my flannel as I looked around the room for my keys. I honestly wasn’t planning on leaving tonight. I rubbed my eyes with my thumb and index one hand on the steering wheel. I couldn’t shake the fact that I was even going to her right now after the things she tried to do in the past. I quickly turned on the music, trying to push the thoughts out of my mind. In the back of my mind I think I knew that if things went wrong, there was nothing I could do to fix it this time.

“You know I never try to get drunk but .. tonight I’m going to enjoy myself.” I said holding my drink up in my hand. “And then go home and scare Bruno.” Leiyah added making everyone around laugh. I shook my head smiling. “How’s that guy anyway?” Michelle said sipping on her drink. I shrugged, “I mean Bruno is Bruno.. nothing really new..” “When are ya’ll getting married?” Carla asked. I looked down to the floor, wondering the same. “I don’t know.. it’s a time thing I guess.” I said shrugging once again. “Is it just me or do you look unsure about Bruno all together?” Leiyah asked toning her voice down. I looked up to her, kind of startled by the question. “What do you mean?” I asked stupidly. “Are you guys okay right now?” Tori asked touching my shoulder. I looked around to all of their worried faces, “When did this turn into an interrogation?” I blurted out. They call cracked a smile before they started to laugh. I honestly didn’t want to think about what Bruno’s problem was lately. Because it was probably nothing, and I was just the one making it into something. “Well..” Leiyah said backing up and putting her hands up. “Let’s just go dance.” I said motioning my hands to the dance floor. “I’m in!” Carla said throwing her hands up and walking away quickly. I followed behind letting the one drink that I had already had take the bit of control it could. 

I stood there looking down to my shoes my heartbeat running crazy. I pushed my hands into my pocket and starting rocking a bit. I looked up as Nicole opened the front door. “Look at you oh my god.” she said looking me up and down. I grabbed at my flannel looking down to it, “I know this is dirty I—” Before I could finish my sentence she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt pulling me in and pushing me against a wall. I know I had the most terrified look on my face. She just stared into my eyes and I stared back keeping my same expression. “Maybe this shirt was a bad idea..” I whispered. She took a deep breath letting her grasp of my collar go. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds before opening back, “I’m sorry.” I grabbed the collar of my shirt with a finger putting it away from my neck, “Apology accepted.” I was so shocked that I didn’t even want to ask why it happened. She started to walk away and I took my time looking around the apartment. It was pretty nice and kind of reminded me of her mother’s house back in Hawaii. I slowly sat down on a couch watching her walk to another room. I peeked around the corner, feeling like I was on a complete edge. “Are you hungry?” she called out. “Umm.. no not really.” I said shaking my head. “Wanna drink?” I frowned a bit, not knowing if drinking around her was the best thing to do. “Na.. I’ll pass.. let’s just talk alright?” “Yeah okay Bruno.” she said as I listened the water run and things clinging together. She came out sipping on a drink from a wine glass smiling at me and raising her eyebrows. I smiled back, feeling awkward even being here.

“So how’s life.. how’s the career, how are you?” she said sitting down next to me. The only thing I could focus on was her thigh touching mine. I adjusted my hat, “Everythings good.. I’m just.. good.” I said shrugging. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked causing me to look over to her. “What?” “You’re acting weird.” “I’m sorry..” I said shaking my head and looking away. “Is it me?” she said touching my thigh. I stared at her hand out the corner of my eye, “No it’s not you.” When I didn’t expect it, she put her hand on my chest and I instantly froze. “Bruno what the fuck, why is your heart beating so fast?” I looked over to her our eyes locking. “I can’t be here.” I said honestly. She opened her mouth to say something but, then closed it back along with her eyes. “Okay.. okay..” she said moving her hands from me. She got up, and started to walk away but then turned around, “Bruno.” I looked up from my hands, “Yes?” “Can I be truthful with you right now?” “Okay..” I said shrugging. “I love you.” she said bluntly. I stared at her like she had told me my death date. “I … don’t know what you want me to say?” “You’re not supposed to say anything.” she said shaking her head and looking to the floor. “You know what.. you can leave if you want too I don’t care..” she said under her breath. “Why?” I said frowning. “Because you’re not you.. I miss my Bruno.. the one that I love so much.. the one who I thought I would wake up too everyday for the rest of my life.. and all that time I thought you felt the same but, you didn’t..” she said shrugging at half of her words. “Nicole I’m sorry..” I said honestly not knowing what to say to something like that. Did she bring me here to tell me all of this, to just make me feel even worst than I already did. “Look can we just move past that.” I said making her look back at me. “If you let me I can.” “Alright.. let’s start over.” I said softly. Before she could say anything, I put my hand out, “Hi I’m Bruno.” She laughed at me looking down to the floor before putting her hand out as well, “And I’m Nicole.”

I laughed as I toasted shots with Michelle. “You lucky I don’t gotta go to work tomorrow bitch.” she said slurring her words. I rolled my eyes, “You we’re gonna come here anyway.” She laughed, “You’re right!” We both laughed so hard at something that really wasn’t that funny. But, I couldn’t control it. We both downed our shots, me burping at the end of mine and quickly covering my mouth and looking around. Michelle waved her hand in front of her face, “The fuck you eat?” I closed my eyes and burped again into my hand. She looked at me with the most gross look she had ever gave me, I probably hadn’t of burped like that in front of her since we we’re kids. I rubbed my stomach a sour look on my face, “I didn’t eat anything it’s this damn alcohol you got me drinking.” She put her hands on her hips, “When are you gonna get out of this damn rookie stage.” “Fuck you.” I mouthed making her laugh. The bartender dropped another set of shots in front of us and we both looked at each other before downing them again. I closed my eyes tight, I could feel the alcohol churning away in my stomach. I put my hands up, “I’m done. No more.” “Roookieeee.” she said taunting me. I shrugged frowning, “Don’t care.” “Let’s just go dance some more please.” I said sounding as if I was begging. She downed another shot before we linked arms and got back out to the dance floor. I kept her as close as possible, feeling my knees starting to give out and the room starting to spin faster. The bass of the music, made my entire head feel like it was beating right along with it. However, none of this stopped me from dancing like I was in my teens again.

I looked down to the floor laughing at Nicole. “And that’s why I quit that job.” she said ending her story. “So you never went back?” She shook her head, “And I’ll never go back.” “Hey I hear you.” I said pushing my hands in the couch sitting up. “I really missed your company.” she said staring at me. “Me too..” I looked away before things could get any further. “Can I get a drink now?” I said changing the subject. “Of course. ” she said getting up and smiling. “Nothing too strong please.” I said putting my hand out waving it. “I got the perfect thing.” she said throwing her hand up before she disappeared around the corner again. I sat there rubbing up and down my jeans with my hands, anxiously waiting. “Alright.” she said coming back holding up two glasses smiling. I smiled as well. She handed me my drink and I nodded and held it up a bit air toasting. She did the same and I quickly downed mine without thinking twice. I shook my head, “That ain’t shit.” She rolled her eyes, “Whatever.” I watched her as she downed hers shaking my head. “You know it ain’t shit.” “You want another then?” “Hell yeah I can do those all night.” She laughed getting up and coming back with our cups refilled this time we toasted glass to glass and I downed it again beating her. “You know.. this is some really light shit but, I’m feeling it really fast?” I said shaking my empty glass and looking at it. “Yeah but, you talk all this shit Bruno Mars.” she said saying my name like it was nothing. I gave her a look, “Don’t try to play me like you ain’t tryin’ to get this now.” She put her hands up in defense, “Nope.” I laughed, “Okay.. right.”

“What time is it?” I said quickly looking over to her. “You the one that got on a watch silly.” I laughed at myself, “Right right..” I looked at my watch realizing that it was almost midnight. “I’ve been here for awhile..” I said slowly. “Are you okay?” she said raising an eyebrow. “Me?” I said smiling and sitting back in the couch, “Never been better.” “Yeah?” she said moving her hand to my thigh rubbing a bit. I stared at her hand before looking back up to her face. “Nicole don’t..” I whispered. “What?” she said inching closer to where I didn’t want her. I quickly grabbed her hand moving it away. “Just don’t.” I said shaking my head and frowning. “I’m sorry.” she said shaking her head as well. “Na.. it’s okay..” I said softly. I sat up and bit more bringing my hands over my face, rubbing them up and down. I looked at my watch again, “I’m tired man.” “Already? What happened to the 6 AM Bruno I used to know.” I laughed and looked away, “He’s dead and gone.” “Oh I’m sorry old man.” she joked. “Don’t let this one night fool you..” I said waving my finger. “Yeah?” she said getting close to me. I moved in even closer, “Yeah.” She started to lean in and I just froze. She kissed me softly, and I didn’t refuse. “Yeah.” she whispered as she kissed me again. “Mhmm.” I said closing my eyes. She kept kissing me and I felt her hand on my thigh again inching closer. “Nicole.” I said moving my head from her lips letting it hang. “What Bru..?” she said grabbing me there. I looked over to her, “I can’t.” I whispered. She went to my ear, “Yes you can.” she whispered slowly.

She kissed my ear softly, moving down painfully slow still rubbing me threw my jeans. I had no idea why I was letting this happen, I didn’t even know if I liked it or not. I just knew that it was happening and that I wanted it to stop. I bit my lip a bit as she got down to the bottom of my neck, sucking it a bit. “Alright. Stop now.” I whispered. “But, what if I don’t want too..” I frowned feeling my head start to spin and my stomach churn. I reached my hand up to move her hand but, she stopped me and laid it back down and for a second there it felt like she was one hundreds times stronger then me. I did it again and got the same reaction. “What are you doing?” I whispered my eyes closed. “You know that song.. you got..? Just go with it, go with it.” she said singing it in my ear. I nodded. “That’s what I need you to do.” …..




I slumped down into the couch, feeling like I was going to pass out any minute. “Girl.” Leiyah said coming and slumping down with me. “Have we been dancing or working out?” I laughed exhaling, “Both.” She laughed as well, “You ready to go?” “Go where?” I said looking over to her. “Uh home?” I titled my head back groaning, “I’m not done having fun.” “Oh shit..” she laughed. “And I can’t drive home like this? I can like feel how drunk I am on my skin.” I said running my hand across my arm. “Well you got about two options here. Get your ass up and finish dancing or get your ass up and dance some more.” I bust out into laughter bringing my head back up, “I guess I’ll take the second option.” “Yeah girl it’s what 12:30 and you’re trying to go home, how about give Bruno some time to miss you.” I smirked looking away and playing with my ring, I bet he already missed me.

I threw my head back into the couch, feeling like I was going to bust out into tears at any moment. “Please.” I begged. “What’s wrong Pete?” she asked as I heard my zipper going down. I looked over to her, my vision going blurry. I felt numb and I knew there was something really wrong when I started to say something but, didn’t even know what I was saying anymore. “I love you Bruno.” she whispered into my ear as I felt her reaching in my boxers. “No.” I whined. I kept repeating no in my mind over and over again. I closed my eyes tight, wishing someone could just take me away right now. “I guess you need some help..” I heard her say. I felt her grip on the top of my jeans and I just shook my head as much as I could. I opened my eyes to her getting on top of me looking me right in the eyes. “Why?” I cried. She kissed me continuously not answering my question. “Get hard for me.” I heard her say. I opened my mouth to say something but, felt myself passing out.

“Shit..” I whispered grabbing my head as I sat up. I looked around the room I was in. A picture of me and Michelle from college graduation sat on the nightstand. I got up throwing my legs over the side of the bed. Bruno is gonna think I was messing around, I thought to myself. I went into the bathroom using it and then going to the mirror. Some of my hair was sticking straight up and it made me laugh at myself. I went back in the room looking at the time, 8:19 AM. “Wow.” I whispered. I looked threw the drawers finding some sweatpants and a t-shirt that I had left over here months ago. I slipped them on, and pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I went to the door putting my ear on it, listening. I could hear someone snoring and coffee pot going. I slowly opened the door making eye contact with Cary in the kitchen. He shook his head laughing, “Wild night huh?” “Shh.” I said smiling and putting my finger to my mouth. “You got some good friends though.” he said holding out his coffee cup before sipping on it. I slowly walked around the couch finding Leiyah laying there. “Is my car here?” I asked pointing to the floor. “Yep. I drove it over here.” I opened my mouth a bit surprised. “Thank You Cary.” He waved me off, “It’s nothing. Michelle called me and told me that you usually never got like this so it was a one time thing.” “Yeah.” I said looking to the floor. “But, I need to go home like now.” I said looking for my keys. “Here.” he said holding them up. I went over to him smiling as I grabbed them from his hands, “Thanks.”

I woke up a headache smacking me right in the face. “Ahh.” I groaned trying to sit up but failing. I looked over in the bed realizing where I was. I quickly looked in front of me, I was in a bedroom that I didn’t recognize. I grabbed at my chest and moved the cover from off of me, I was in my underwear. “No. NO.” I said putting my hands on my face. I quickly got up from the bed, tripping over something and hitting my back and head against the wall. “Shit.” I yelled making Nicole flip over and look at me. “What are you doing?” I put my hands against my body, shielding myself like she hadn’t seen me with clothes on before anyway in the past, “What am I doing here?” She started to sit up, “You came here last night what are you talking about?” I grabbed my head, “What? Why? No.” I said feeling like I was going to cry. “Where are my clothes?!” I yelled at her making her jump. She pointed to a chair where my clothes we’re laid. I quickly went over to them grabbing them and trying to balance myself to put my jeans on. “Where are you going?” “What the fuck do you mean, I’m not suppoused to be here.” I yelled at her jumping into my jeans and buttoning them up. “I told her that I wouldn’t do this anymore.. I told her.” I said to myself. “But, Bruno you..” I cut her off, “No don’t talk me, don’t call me..” I pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw my arms into my flannel not bothering to button it up. I knew I looked like shit right now, but I needed to get home as fast as possible.

“Bruno wait.” she yelled as I opened the door going out of it. I frantically looked both ways, having no idea where the hell I was. I ran down the hallway, and grabbed my keys along with my hat off the couch. “No.” I said to myself looking at the cups sitting on the table. I heard her coming still yelling my name but, I didn’t answer. I grabbed the doorknob before feeling her grabbing my arm and pulling me back. “Listen!” she yelled. I snatched my arm away with all of my strength making her take a step back. “No I won’t  listen, I don’t want to talk to you ever again, and you better keep your fucking mouth shut about this.” I said putting my finger in her face. She backed away even more looking like I had hurt her feelings. “Oh god I’m sorry.” I said grabbing at my head. I just shook my head and grabbed the doorknob behind me slamming the door. I looked up to the sky, the sun barely rose off into the distance. I felt like I was just going to breakdown, how could I have done this. I slammed myself into my car, starting it up and   made my way home.

I pulled up in the driveway frowning. I put the car into park, staring at Bruno’s empty space. I pulled my phone out looking at the time again, 8:36. I looked up again to his spot searching my mind, did he have a meeting today? As soon as I started to dial his number I turned to a car speeding down our street. I gasped when I realized it was Bruno’s car. He made a hard stop behind my car, and I jumped out slamming my door confused as ever. He turned off his car and just sat there. I shook my head before I slowly started to walk around to his car. He had his head into the steering wheel and his clothes we’re all wrinkled. “Bruno.” I whispered. “Diamond.” he said his voice muffled. “What.. happened?” I asked worried. He shook his head grabbing at the steering wheel with his hands. I observed the veins in his hands and watched him just breathe in and out. I grabbed the handle of the car door, opening it and he looked up to me finally. He had been crying and he looked so tired. “Diamond. I fucked up okay. I fucked up.” he said shrugging. “What? What do you mean?” I said backing up. He started to get out of the car, and I seen all the hickies on his neck. “What is that?” I said raising my voice and pointing to his neck. He touched his neck like he didn’t know they we’re there either. “What is it?” he asked his voice shaky. “Wow.” was all I could say. Wow I kept saying over and over. I backed away putting my hands out, “Don’t explain Bruno. I understand.”

“Diamond don’t please.” I said putting my arms out. She kept backing away and I felt my heart starting to break. “No.” she said shrugging. I grabbed her arms and she snatched away from me, “Don’t. Touch. Me.” I moved my hands away quickly. She looked down and then back up, “So this.. this is it for me.. I can’t do this anymore.” she whispered. “No please..” I said grabbing my head. She quickly wiped her face before starting to walk away. I followed her, “I don’t even know what happened, you have to believe me.” I said. She quickly reached in her car grabbing her keys. I grabbed her arm trying to turn her around and she slapped me right in my face. I closed my eyes pressing my lips together, “Don’t fucking touch me.. and I mean it.” she said bluntly. I reached up touching my face, still in shock. I heard her walking away again before I opened my eyes. I walked after her again and she unlocked the door and slammed it behind her. I opened it and caught of quick second of her walking into the bedroom. “Diamond what are you doing?” I asked a bit scared to know. I walked in on her opening a drawer and grabbing clothes, “I can’t do this anymore Bruno.” she cried. “Baby please.. Listen to me.. I don’t even know what’s going on right now and you’re just gonna leave.” I said trying to keep my voice calm. She froze and closed her eyes and just stood there. I stared at her, scared to death of what her next move would be. She let the clothes go turning around and putting her face into her hands. She started to cry and I slowly walked towards her. “I’m sorry.” I said putting my arms around her. She moved out of my grip turning around, “There is no more sorry Bruno, what is sorry? What is it going to do anymore. Do you know that I’ve heard that word from you over a million times now, it means NOTHING.” she yelled at me.

I stared at him as he looked down to the floor letting his arms fall. “And here you we’re telling me that it was all about me, and that you would never do anything to hurt me right before you fucked me.. and then you go fucking someone else.” I yelled at him. He brung his head up, the most hurt expression on his face. “I must mean nothing to you, I keep wasting all these years on you Bruno, forgiving you over and over again. And it hurts because I know that there is no one else in this entire world that I can be with it. Do you hear me? No one because all my love is with you. I will NEVER be the same, I can never love the same.” I continued. “AND YOU DON’T EVEN CARE!” I yelled pushing him in his chest only making him take a few steps back. “I do care..” he said under his breath. “Fuck you Bruno.. fuck you.” I said coldly. I continued taking some of my clothes out of the drawers, everything from who it could be, and how long they did it racing threw my head. “And who was it.. who in the fucking world could it be huh? What some girl you just met at the bar as soon as I leave?” He stared at me and started to shake his head. “I don’t know what that means.” I said slamming the drawer closed. “WHO BRUNO?!” I yelled again. “I can’t tell you.” he said shrugging. “What?” I said quickly. “I think it’s better if I don’t tell you.” he said his shaking his head and not looking me in the eyes. “Are you kidding me right now? I swear Bruno if it’s someone I know, I’m going to hurt you.” I said shaking my head.

“Can you please calm down?” I asked nicely scared out of my mind. I didn’t want this to go any further then it had already did. “You’re telling me to calm down?” she asked coming at me. I grabbed her arms before she could bring them up to hit me. “LET ME GO!” she screamed in my face. I held her even tighter, “Calm down please.” She squirmed and tried everything she could to get out of my hold. “I fucking hate you so much.” she said digging her nails into my arms. “Don’t say that.” I said sadly feeling tears coming again. She started to struggle with me, making me make my grip on her even tighter. “Stop.” I said raising my voice. She didn’t stop and I pushed her against the wall, pinning her arms down, “Please stop Diamond.” I begged. I just watched her continue to struggle and it was pretty clear that she honestly did hate me now. What have I done, I thought to myself….




I hadn’t screamed at him like I was screaming right now in my entire life. All I wanted in this moment was to not see his face. “DIAMOND PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!” he screamed at me. “What, what do you have to say?!” “Guess what? I’m scared right now because I don’t know what’s going on.. I have no idea what is happening and you’re making it worst!” I frowned even more, “I’m making it worst? You come home in the AM with hickeys and I’m making it worst?!” He looked up to the celling, holding air in his mouth. “Please.. I am begging you please stop.” he whispered sadly. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I kept my fists clinched and I could feel myself shaking. I felt him put his forehead into mine, but I wouldn’t dare open my eyes. He held his same grip on my arms. “I’m sorry..” he whispered. I held my breath, I didn’t want to keep hearing the same thing over. “I know you hate for me to say that but, I don’t know what else to say.” I finally opened my eyes to his, “Bruno I can’t do this anymore.. I told you so many times..” “No please don’t say this to me. Please.” he said shaking his head. I just stared at him, his eyes, his nose, his lips and then down to his neck with those hickeys. I closed my eyes again, trying to keep calm. “I made a mistake.. I shouldn’t have went over there.” “Over where Bruno?” I said sternly. I felt him make his grip tighter on my arms, “I went to see Nicole and..” It only took a fraction of a second for me to lose it all over again. “NICOLE?! YOU WENT TO SEE NICOLE?!” I screamed opening my eyes again. “I swear I didn’t go over there for that please believe me.” I started to try to struggle away from him again, his words we’re nothing anymore. The more things he told me the more my heart began to break.

He made a quick move, moving his arms underneath mine and interlocking his fingers behind my back. I took his shirt in my hands, pulling at it and screaming like I was crazy. “Why do you do this to me Bruno why?!” I cried pushing my face into his chest. “I’m sorry.” he whispered again in my ear. I just cried, and cried until I almost felt dizzy. “I love you so much.” he kept whispering. But, I just didn’t feel the love anymore. We stood there for I don’t know how long, him just holding me to where I almost couldn’t move. “I’m not gonna let you go if you’re gonna leave me.. If I have to I’ll stay just like this.. as long as it takes..” he said after some minutes. “I’m nothing without you.. please don’t make me have that feeling anymore. I know you hate me right now, I know you do but, please just don’t leave me like this. I won’t know what to do Diamond.. I won’t know what to do.” he continued. I just froze, I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t say anything. I was just there. I heard him take in a quick breath before he started to sing. I closed my eyes tight, trying not to cry all over again. His voice took me on a roller coaster ride. Making me feel like everything was right, but there was still something telling me it wasn’t. He kept skipping into different songs, it was like he was reminding me of things that now I had forgot about. The doorbell rang and it made both of us jump. We both just stared at each other until it rang again. “No.” he said shaking his head. I tried to struggle away from him again and he pressed his lips back, “Please don’t leave me Diamond.” “I won’t..” I said letting his shirt go. “If you’re gonna do it, just please promise me you won’t do it right now… cause I’m scared.” he said whispering the last part. I looked up into his eyes again, and I could see the fear for myself. “Okay. I promise.” I exhaled. He slowly let me go as the ringing turned into beating. He took a step back watching me closely. I wiped my face with my shirt and walked out the room.

I followed close behind her, praying that she wouldn’t just run out the door and leave me. As soon as we got to the door she reached for it, but I moved her hand back, “Let me.” She moved back a couple of steps behind me as I opened the door. My neighbor stood there a phone on his ear, looking like he had seen a ghost. He looked me up and down before he spoke, “What is going on over here?” I took a glimpse back to Diamond before looking at him again, “I’m sorry.. we we’re just having a little problem.” “A little problem? I thought you guys we’re killing each other.” “No sir, I promise.. we’re not killing each other..” I said looking down trying not to laugh. “Hmm.” he said fixing his robe. I was guessing that he heard almost everything that went on, even the loud sex. “If you need anything.. come knock on my door.” he said looking past me to Diamond. “Thanks, appreciate it.” I said nodding. He started saying something under his breath before he walked away and I closed it wiping the smile off of my face. As I turned to Diamond I started to pat at the jeans of my pockets, looking for my phone. “What are you looking for?” she said shaking her head. “My phone.” I said looking around and going in all of my pockets. “Call it for me?” I said checking in the pockets on my flannel. She pulled her phone out and dialed my number. I observed her closely and listened to it ring. I looked around, listening to see if it was here. “Hello?” I heard someone say from the other end. I snapped my attention to Diamond’s face, that had turned into a frown again.

“Who is this…” Diamond said trying to sound calm. “Who is this?” the other person said back. I felt myself starting to panic. “I don’t have times to play games..” Diamond said getting upset. “Here just let me—” I said holding my hand up. She gave me a look and shook her head and I let it back down. “This is Nicole.” I heard her say. My heartbeat sped up and I brung my hands together, playing with my ring. How did I leave my phone over there. “And why do you have Bruno’s phone?” she asked looking me right in the eyes raising her eyebrows. “Because he left it here.” “Oh.. he did?” “Yep sure did, ran out this morning and forgot it.” Everything from this morning flashed threw my head but, I just couldn’t put the pieces together from last night and I didn’t know why. “Yeah I heard about that but, we’re gonna need Bruno’s phone back so..” “If you want it you’re gonna have to come and get it.” she said cutting her off and hanging up. Diamond looked at the phone, shocked. “She didn’t right?” she asked looking at me. I shrugged, “I don’t—” She cut me off, “Let’s go.” “But Diamond… I don’t think that’s a good idea..” I said shaking my head and following her into the bedroom. “Yeah well you know what else wasn’t a good idea? You going over there in the first place.” she said turning to me stopping me in my tracks. I looked down to the floor, having nothing to say. I really didn’t want what happened years ago to replay again. I thought that a long time ago, that things like this wouldn’t ever happen again. But, I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I sat in the passenger seat of her car, thinking to myself all the things I could have done right in my life. But, I never regretted anything because sometimes you needed to make mistakes to learn from them. However, I was someone who made a lot of mistakes and learning from them was just as hard. “Alright.” Diamond said side nodding and turning off the car. I looked up to Nicole’s apartment out the front window. “Diamond.” I said moving my attention to her.

“What Bruno?” I said looking over to his puppy dog eyes. “Please don’t go in here acting like you’ve lost your mind..” I started to open my door getting out, “Yeah alright.” I started to walk up the pathway, feeling him catching up and by my side in just a couple of seconds. “Please.” he said again. “I said alright Bruno..” I said giving him a look before walking up the stairs. When we got to the door, he made sure that he stood a couple of steps in front of me before he knocked. “Who is it?!” I heard her call out and it took everything in me not to yell back ‘you know who the fuck this is.’ “It’s Bruno..” he said in that soft tone that he used when he was trying to be sweet. I gave him a look before looking back to the door as she opened it. “Oh hi Bruno and guest.” she said giving me a quick unsatisfied look. “I swear I’ll fucking—” I felt Bruno grab my hand and squeeze it, telling me to calm down. He held his grip on my hand as we walked in behind her. “I’ll go get your phone or whatever..” she said waving behind her as she walked off. I stood there the anger building up the more I stood there. I couldn’t fight the thought of them having sex right in here just hours ago. After some seconds she came back out with his phone in her hand. “Here..” she said lazily handing it to him. “Thank you.” he said stuffing it into the pocket of his jeans. “Now need anything else?” she said with a smirk giving me another look. She was testing me, so hard right now because I knew I had it in me to beat her ass right here like I did years ago. I had a reason, Bruno was well of a good enough reason. But, I wasn’t going to stoop to her level.

“No..” he said looking down to the floor. “Well see ya later then.” she said turning around and waving us off. I watched her go over to a counter and start to pour herself a drink. What a dumbass, I thought to myself. “What we’re we even drinking last night?” Bruno said shaking his head. I quickly looked over to him, “You drank with her..” I said threw my teeth only quiet enough for him to hear. She laughed, “Not this.” He frowned, kind of ignoring my question. “What was it then?” “Oh I don’t know some shit.” she said nonchalantly. “Wait a second.” he said quickly. I looked down to our hands as he slowly started to let go. “Tell me right now exactly what you gave me to drink.” he said starting to raise his voice. She just stared at him, slowly letting her glass down from her lips. “Oh my god.” he said staring at her. “What?” me and her both said together. He shook his head and his eyes got big like he was realizing something. “What did you put in my drink?!” he said quickly. I looked at her and she just looked back and forth between us. “What?” she said stupidly. “You fucking drugged me?!” he yelled. “What?” I said to myself. He shook his head, “I remember telling you to stop and you wouldn’t..” he said quietly. I looked back and forth between them, shocked. “This is a joke right?” “No you fucking drugged me.” he said pointing his finger to her. “Who does shit like that?!” she said sitting up, trying to defend herself. “We’re gonna fucking find out.” he said pulling his phone out.

I just kept looking back and forth to the both of them not exactly knowing what to say. I was honestly scared of the fact that she could of raped Bruno without him knowing. I shook my head trying to get those thoughts out of my mind, that’s sick she isn’t that crazy. Bruno ran his hand threw his hair as he took a couple of steps away, talking to someone. Nicole sat there, looking nervous while I stood there looking awkward. “Alright sir will do. Thanks. Bye.” he said ending his conversation. He turned to me, “Diamond can you please take me to the hospital?” I looked at him crazy, “What?” “Please.. I need to figure this out.” he said quietly. “Do you really think that I need to drug you to get what I want? You gave it to me willingly.” she yelled causing us both to look at her. “Shut the fuck up.” I finally said tired of holding back my words. She looked at me crazy and I watched Bruno battle a smile out the corner of my eye. “Let’s go.” he said pushing me back towards the door. “Goodbye whatever, have fun doing nothing.” she said getting up and waving her arms around. I gave her the finger before Bruno pushed me out the door. The car was silent for the first five minutes and I thought that it was well needed. “Bruno did she really drug you or what?!” I said out of nowhere taking a glimpse over to him. “Yes, I think so.” he said his voice shaky. “Oh my god.” I breathed out bringing a hand up to my face. “I shouldn’t have ever went over there.” he groaned. “Yeah ya think.” I said sarcastically. He just shook his head looking down to his hands. “So what are we supposed to do Bruno, after we find out that she drugged you or whatever is going on.. what am I supposed to do? Just be like oh Bruno I forgive you for going over your ex’s house late at night like nothing was going to happen anyway.” “Diamond..” he said shaking his head. “No, cause’ it’s okay for me to just forgive you all over again. And keep forgiving you every time you make a mistake.” I said feeling myself get upset again. He just didn’t know how hard it was to just love him sometimes. “Hello? You tell me what I’m supposed to do please because I’m so confused.” I said gripping onto the steering wheel more and fighting back tears. I looked over to him as we stopped at a red light and he just stared at me lightly shaking his head. How many times was I going to tell myself that this was the last straw with Bruno, how much shit was I going to take before I just drove myself crazy…




“Diamond my intentions for going over there wasn’t to have sex with her.” he said calmly. “Okay.. I can believe that.” “But, of course when I got there she tried and I told her no but, after that I really don’t remember what happened.” “Okay but, that’s not answering my question Bruno.” I let out a sigh and it got silent. Too silent, the kind of silence that I hated especially at a time like this. “Please don’t leave me.” he said under his breath. I glanced over to him, really not trying to hear that anymore. “You’re not helping right now.” “Diamond what do you want me to say?” he said shrugging. “I don’t know, I hate this.. I hate going through this..” “Pull over.” “What?” I said looking over to him quickly before looking back to the road. “Pull. Over.” he said putting more edge in his voice. I cruised through the next light and make a stop on the side of the street under a huge palm tree. As soon as I started to put the car in park, I saw him reaching for his seatbelt. All in just a couple of seconds he had it unbuckled and my face was in his hands. He looked me in the eyes for a couple of seconds before he kissed me like he hadn’t seen me in months. I didn’t refuse, I kissed him back with just as much power. He broke our kiss, keeping his forehead on mine, my eyes still closed. “Do you remember the first time I kissed you?” he asked his breath right on my lips. I nodded my head still in his hands. “Do you remember how upset you we’re? And how you told me that you had you’d had your heart broken so many times already and that you didn’t want it to happen again?” he rambled on. I closed my eyes tighter feeling that moment come back to me like no other. “Since that day Diamond, I have not felt any different about you, and I know I told you that I wouldn’t hurt you but, I swear baby I’m trying so hard. I hate to see you cry, or be hurt because I feel it.” he continued rubbing across my ears gently with his fingers.

“And I don’t know if anything I’m saying right now will make any of this right.. but, if you ever do decide to leave me, I wanna take this time to tell you how much you’ve changed my life and without you, I wouldn’t be me. I would have gave up on all of this shit a long time ago.” I kept my eyes closed, frozen from his words. I asked for it, I said a few times in my head. I asked for it. I felt like if I opened my eyes and looked into his that I would just breakdown. We sat there in that position for a couple of minutes, feeling his small kisses every now and then along with his ‘i love yous’. “Bruno.” I finally said. “Hmm?” “Close your eyes please.” I said trying to hide a smile. “What?” he said with a little giggle. “Please?” I said smiling. “Alright done.” I opened my eyes to his staring right back at me. I quickly moved my hands up covering his. He laughed, “What are you doing?” “You cheated.” “I’m sorry.” he said sweetly. I took a deep breath and looked at my hands over his eyes. He brung his hands up grabbing my wrists. “I love you Bru.” I said as I ran my thumbs across his eyebrows. He smiled showing his dimples that made me smile even harder. “I wanna be with you but, jesus boy you take me through it.” I said making him smirk. I sighed and just sat there smiling to myself, wondering how long he was gonna let me hold my hands to his face. “Are you there?” he asked after about 30 seconds. “No she left.” I joked as I took my hands down. He blinked a couple of times before smiling. “Look.” he said grabbing my hands and intertwining our fingers together. He brung one of our interlocked hands up to his face.

He kissed my hand, “I’m gonna be a better boyfriend.” He kissed it again, “An even better fiancee’.” He did it again making me smile more, “An excellent husband.” “And most of all..” he said bringing our hands up in the air in the middle of us, “I’ll be the bestest friend you’ve ever had.” I just stared at him, half wondering how I was even sitting here with him, half wondering how he got me back again, and half wondering what was in store for us next. He let our hands go and I instantly put my arms around his neck, pulling him into a half hug. I could feel his smile against my cheek. “I love you Bruno.” I whispered into his ear. “I love you more Diamond.” he whispered back.

I sat the box down on the bar, quickly taking a seat at the stool putting my face to cold tile closing my eyes. “Bruno how much more we got?” I yelled out to him my voice a bit muffled. “Umm..” I listened to him count quietly. “Not too much more.. if you can’t get it I’ll get it don’t worry.” “No.. I’m gonna help damnit.” He laughed, “Alright if you say so.” I sat up and glanced around to our almost empty home. I smirked realizing that all the memories good and bad that was here. Bruno came out of the back room carrying two boxes, sweat pouring down his face. He set them down letting out a grunt before he stood back up straight stretching. “You alright?” he said staring at me as he stretched his arms. “I could ask you the same.” I said smirking. “I’m just ready to get this done.” he said raising an eyebrow and looking around. “Yeah..” I said through a sigh. “You don’t want to leave do you?” I shrugged looking back down to the tile on the bar. “But you know..” he said walking over to me. “This house is gonna be so much better.. more room for the both of us.. a better area.. a better view.” he said wrapping his arms around my stomach and putting his chin into my shoulder. “I know, I’m excited.” I said at least trying to sound excited. “And more room to try new things.” he said kissing my ear. I closed my eyes and bit my lip a bit. “All the new walls.” he continued kissing down my neck. “I get it.” I said trying not to fall into his trap. “I know you get it, but do you got it?” he joked. “Got it.” I laughed as I moved myself out of his grasp. A couple of weeks ago, after our huge ordeal Bruno broke the news to me that he wanted to move and had already found the perfect house. I didn’t know if it was because he wanted to just have a fresh start but of course I thought that our house that we had now was already perfect. He kept drilling into my head like he is now how much better and nicer everything is.

Surprisingly, we got through the whole Nicole ordeal without it being all over the news. Come to find out that not only did she drug him, but she later admitted that they never had sex in the first place. So now she’s doing some nice time in jail, where she belongs. Thanksgiving was in a week and a half and since we we’re moving into our new house, we we’re hosting this year. Everyone from Bruno’s mom to my mom and even my brother that I don’t talk to too often has said that they we’re coming. I didn’t know if I was excited or anxious or nervous, I just knew that I was ready to get into this new house and have it ready before they got here. We finally got notice that Bruno would be continuing his tour in South America in the middle of January. That was awhile from now but, I knew that with all the holidays and this break time that it would be here in no time. His new video took me by surprise the first time I watched it and Bruno is so sneaky that he made sure that he wasn’t home when I watched it for the first time. It was way more then what happened in the Just The Way You Are video however, there really wasn’t anything I could do about it now. I was glad that he kept it a secret from me, it was better that I didn’t know. Next week would bring us another semi busy week. We had an awards show to go to, along with a couple of parties that I know Bruno couldn’t wait to get into it. All in all, I really couldn’t complain about anything.

“I’m definitely gonna be spending the night a lot.” Ryan said his voice echoing in the house. I gave him a look, “The hell if you are.” He laughed, “Na seriously though man this is tight.” “I know.” I said looking around and shoving my hands in my pockets. I was really excited to move into here tomorrow and stay the first night. This house was at least almost three times bigger then the one we had now plus it was a lot more private, just what we needed. “Yeah.. Mhmm.” Ryan said going around to doors looking into them like he was planning the things he was going to do. I paid him no attention, slowly pacing around looking and picturing all of our things here. “Bruno.” I heard Diamond call out for me from the backyard. I slowly walked out to find her standing there looking out to the view her hands on her hips. “Look at that.” she said as I put my arm around her. “I know.. I did that.” I said out the side of my mouth. She gave me a look before looking back out. “It’s beautiful Bru..” “Just like you.” I said observing her. She quickly looked back at me. “Yeah.. I said it..” I said moving my arms around her her waist picking her up. She grabbed at my shirt tightly, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “Aren’t you hot baby?” I asked moving close to the pool. “Bruno I swear to god if you throw me in this pool..” “What, I can’t hear you?” I said sarcastically. “I’m not gonna throw you calm down..” She loosened her grip on my shirt, “Okay..” “I’m gonna jump in with you!” I yelled as I jumped.  All I heard was her screams before water filled my ears. I immediately went back up to the surface and she came up just a few seconds after me coughing. “Awww look at you all wet.” I teased. She moved her wet hair out of her face before giving me a death stare. I splashed more water at her before moving threw the  water the best I could to get out. “Bruno oh my god!” she yelled coming after me.

I hurried up the pool stairs, wringing the excess water from my shorts as I walked around the edge. “Look at me.” she yelled as she stood at the top of the stairs, wringing her clothes out. I stopped and kept a good distance between us as I did the same to mine. Ryan came to the door glancing at the both of us before shaking his head and walking away. “Why?” she asked turning to me and throwing her hands in the air. “Because you looked hot baby.. I was just trying to cool you down.” I said smirking. She started coming for me again and I made a face before running into the house. She chased behind me and I went in the first room I found down the hall, closing the door gently so that it wouldn’t make sound. I heard her yelling my name and I stood there as quiet as I could laughing silently. “Ugh fuck you Bruno.” I heard her say. I waited a minute before I slowly started to open the door peeking out. She quickly pushed it open, grabbing me by my shirt and pushing me against the wall. “Okay, okay before you hurt me, let me say something!” I yelled as she made her grip tighter on the collar on my shirt. “What?” she said a small smirk on her face. “I just wanna say.. that them shorts look better on you.. when they’re wet.” I said trying to keep a serious face. “You’re nasty.” she whispered shaking her head. “You like it.” I said leaning in and kissing her. “I really like it..” she whispered back kissing me. The smaller kisses turned into bigger ones before we got into a full blown make out session.

“Hey. Stop.” I whispered with a smirk as I pulled away. “Why?” she asked putting her face next to mine. “I don’t wanna get too excited.” I laughed. “Why?” she asked again in the same tone. “Cause’ once I get started I don’t like to stop.” I said grabbing her by the hips. “Who said you had to stop?” I raised an eyebrow, “No one then I guess…” I said moving my hands to the front of her shorts. I bit my lip before I took a few steps back closing the door gently. “Alright you asked for this..” I said going in to kiss her again.




This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

He half smiled before he kissed me again, grabbing at my wrists making the moment serious again. “You gotta be quiet baby.. this house echoes..” he breathed out into my ear quickly as he went to my shorts again. I just nodded closing my eyes, ready to feel his hands touching me anywhere they could. He kissed me again, smiling against my lips as he started to pull my shorts down over my thighs. I moved my hands to his belt, but he stopped me. “I got it.” he said taking a breath away from kissing. With my shorts at my ankles he went to the bottom of my tank top, helping me take it off. He dropped my shirt on the floor next to us, continuing his kisses on my collar bone. I closed eyes as he got lower until he got to my breast. In a rush he moved my bra out of the way exposing me before taking my nipple in his mouth. I throw my head back into the wall, feeling the urge to just moan out freely but, I knew I couldn’t. “Oh god Bruno.” I whispered grabbing at his shoulders. He took his time, sucking and licking really putting me into the mood. He moved my bra away from the other side moving over and giving it the same treatment. He ran his teeth across it gently, making the tingle in my stomach get out of control. I moaned his name quietly, bitting my lip back holding in more then half of them. He stopped just when I couldn’t take it anymore moving my bra back over. “Look what you did?” he whispered smiling as he stood up straight again. I glanced down to his shorts, and his friend made a nice print through them. “I can fix it if you want me too.” I whispered. “We’ll see.” he said grabbing my hand and guiding me across the room.

We got into the bathroom and we both looked around it before he closed the door. “Wow.” I said my voice echoing. I watched him turn on the shower out of the corner of my eye and I didn’t fully look at him until I heard the water hitting the tile. “What are you doing?” He shrugged with a cute smile taking his wet shirt off. I started to unclasp my bra as he brung his shorts down over his thighs. I slowly slid my underwear down crossing my legs and arms half feeling awkward being naked in a empty bathroom like this. I watched him act distracted like he was looking elsewhere as he started to slide his briefs off but, I knew that he was looking at me. “Stop.” I giggled innocently as I tried to cover myself up more. He laughed before kicking out of his briefs, grabbing himself and stroking a few times turning me on even more. “Ladies first.” he said nodding to the shower. I smiled as I put my hands on either side of the shower, taking one stop into the mini pool of warm water. I felt him come in right behind me, sliding the glass door shut. This shower was a lot bigger then the one we had, which mean’t that we could do even more. Without warning, I felt him on my ass and his hands grabbing at my thighs from behind. I closed my eyes as he moved his fingers to me running them across before slowly pushing them inside. “Damn you’re already ready.” he whispered into my ear, still gripping my thigh with his other hand. I didn’t say anything as he gently moved his fingers across me, playing with me just the way I liked it. “Bruno..” I half whispered and half moaned wishing he would just get on with it already. He continued his movements anyway, sucking and biting on my neck, making sounds that faintly echoed throughout the bathroom. As I felt his fingers moving out, I let out a sharp shaky breath, ready for what was to come next.

He turned me around, pushing my back onto the tile wall making me wince a bit at how cold it was. He put his hand on the back of my neck, pushing me out to his lips, making me kiss him basically begging for him to continue on. I took his tongue in my mouth sucking on it, seeing his eyebrow raise when I opened my eyes. I moved my hands down to him, making him flinch when I touched him. “I got it.” I said mocking him earlier as I started to play with him in my hands. He stopped kissing me putting his forehead into mine his eyes closed and his eye brows furrowed at what I was doing to him. I smiled observing his face as I started to stroke him faster making him take sharp breaths onto my lips. I was enjoying this so much that I decided I would take it a step farther. I pushed at his chest making him eye me suspiciously and take a few steps back before I went down to my knees. He looked down to me with the cutest surprised face as I started to stroke him again. He slowly closed his eyes, furrowing his brows totally focused in the feelings he was getting. I slowly took him into my mouth, sucking on the tip lightly before taking him all the way he in. He threw his head back letting out a raspy  groan before hanging his head again his eyes closed tight. I kept going, skipping the part where I would take my time just to see his reaction. After each stroke I felt him hands slowly moving up to my hair and when I took a deep one he grabbed it full on. He let out a soft moan that made my stomach tingle. “Shit Diamond.” he said his face frowned staring at me. “You like it?” I said biting my lip and stopping. He laughed his voice still raspy from moaning so quiet, “I fucking love it.” He shook his head letting out a breath, “You’re gonna make me cum right now.” he said before he bit he lip. “Can I try?” I said licking the tip.

He rose his eyebrows, “I’m not gonna promise you that I can get back up..” he said smiling. I shrugged, I really didn’t care because I loved pleasing him. I felt like I could honestly get off to his faces and moans because they we’re just that good. I took him in my mouth again and he made his grip tighter on my hair closing his eyes. Everytime I took him in and out I felt a little thrust coming from him. “Shit..” he moaned as he started to full blown thrust into my mouth. “Open wider baby..” he breathed out as he watched me. I did as I was told letting him get as far as he could. “Wider..” he whispered again half moaning. I let my tongue out and got wider as he continued to thrust, his faces changing with each stroke. He took a step closer to me putting his hands on the wall. “I’m gonna cum now.” he said nodding and looking down to me. I nodded as well as he kept thrusting his moans increasing. He was being way too loud right now but, I loved it so much. Before he let himself get to far into it he stopped, “Na baby get up.” “No Bru just finish..” “But what if—” I cut him off by taking him all the way back in again. “Ahh..” he moaned softly, frowning again. After just a couple of seconds, he got the point and went back into his thrusting and holding the position that he wanted me too. “Baby..” he moaned one last time before I felt him starting to cum. “Fuck.” he moaned out throwing his head back. I closed my eyes feeling it all go down my throat. Before I could think about it, I just swallowed it. He slowly pulled out of me looking down, “I’m sorry.” he said a worried expression on his face. I laughed as I stood up, “Bruno it’s okay..” He looked away before looking at me again, “Are you sure?” I laughed, “Are you kidding me this isn’t the first time you’ve done it.. it’s fine..” “Alright.” he said exhaling.

“Now can you still go?” I said smiling. “I can try.” he said shrugging and grabbing me behind my thighs. I put my arms around his neck as he pulled me up, pressing my back against the tile. “Give me a second.” he said putting his hand between us, stroking himself. He kissed me, trying to take my focus off that he was doing it but, I couldn’t help but smile against his lips at the fact. He stopped kissing me looking down when he felt like he was ready. “Alright.” he whispered as I felt him pressing himself into me. I instantly closed my eyes out of pleasure. He put his forehead into mine, moving his self in and out of me slowly. “Bruno just go.” I whispered kissing him a bit. He moved my legs around him more before putting his hands into the wall starting his thrusts. I put my mouth right next to his ear, moaning into it softly. I was already near a climax from what had already happened. I moaned his name continuously like a song because it just felt that good. He started pushing himself deeper, letting out grunts and groans into my ear. “You’re so tight.” he whispered with almost no voice at all. I bit my lip fighting the urge to bite at his neck. I felt the coming of a climax as he started to speed up. “Oh Bru..” I moaned sweetly. “You gonna cum baby?” he asked softly. “Yes.” I moaned back nodding my head a couple of times. I bit down on his shoulder when I felt it take ahold of my body. The pleasure I got from it took me by surprise and I moaned into his shoulder wilding trying to keep myself under control. “If Ryan didn’t hear us before.. he has now.” he laughed. I blinked slowly smiling against his skin before bringing my head back up, my legs still shaking. “Well then I guess that means we can be as loud as we want now.” I said raising my eyebrows. “Don’t tempt me.” he said sliding himself out of me. “I’m tempting you.” I whispered back giving him a sexy look. He let me go down to the floor and grabbed my hips turning me around.

“What if we try some new shit.. you know break the house in a little..” he said rubbing my ass and making me bite my lip. “Anything.” I said ready to do whatever he had in mind. I felt him pressing himself on my spot, playing with it with his tip. The pleasure took me by complete surprise and I quickly looked back to him, “What are you doing?” I breathed out. He stopped, “What? Does it hurt?” “No..” I breathed out my heart beating like crazy. He smirked and continued doing it, making me moan into the warm wet tile. He kept going up and down every time getting closer to going in again. Every time he went over it, a wave of pleasure hit me like a brick wall. I knew that if he kept doing it, that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. “Bruno..” I whispered my eyes closed. “Yes baby?” he answered as he continued. “Don’t stop.” I said trying not to show him how good this really felt. He started to move a bit faster making me get out of control. As soon as I felt like I was at the peak, he grabbed my ass and slammed himself into me as deep as he could. I let out a half scream, half moan as he continued doing it. “Oh god..” I screamed into the wall, wishing that this would never end. He put his hands on either side of me, and I observed the veins in his hand. I loved the sounds that our bodies we’re making together every time he hit me. With every thrust I felt him digging himself closer and closer to that spot. I felt him bend his knees, taking those thrusts that he knew drove me crazy. I gave up on holding in my moans after that, screaming his name like it was nothing. I felt his breath right on the back of my ear, getting heavier after each stroke. “Bruno I’m gonna cum..” I moaned out. “Please.” he moaned back trying to kiss my ear.

I let go all I had been holding in, feeling him hit that spot just as I got to my high. “Wow..” he whispered and I could just see his smile in my mind. “Alright here I go.” he said leaning out. He grabbed my hips and positioned me in the way he want before he started to hit me hard again. I let out my moans losely, partly because I knew he liked when I did. I felt him push his head into the back of mine and I knew that he was watching himself. He let out a groan that made my stomach tingle and I knew that he was getting close. “Baby.. I love you.. so fucking much..” he breathed out his words shaky. “I love you more Bru.” I moaned back. I felt him stop and take himself out of me. He removed one of his hands from the wall and I could feel him stroking himself right over my ass. “This is a big one..” he said trying to keep his moans under control. I bit my lip just waiting for it and when it finally did come he let out a pattern of deep raspy moans that drove me insane. “Shitttt.” he exhaled letting himself sit on me. “Had fun?” I said looking back to him. “Time of my life.” he said raising an eyebrow.  We both washed off in the water before jumping out and bascially air drying as much as we could before putting our still wet clothes on. He laughed as I walked behind him putting my hair up. “What’s funny?” I asked smiling. “Ryan’s face.. is what’s gonna be funny.” he said as he took a moment leaving his hand on the doorknob. “Just go.” I said laughing a little. He opened it and we looked around the corner not finding him. We started looking in different paces before calling out his name but, he was nowhere to be found. Bruno stood in the middle of the living room, “Well ain’t this some shit.” I laughed, “We ran the poor guy away.” He ran his fingers threw his mess of curls on his head smiling to the floor, “Now I’m gonna hear about this one.”….




I sunk my knees in the bed crawling into my spot next to Bruno. Before I could even lay all the way down, he wrapped his arms around me and wrestled me down. “What are you doing?” I whispered holding in my laugh in the darkness. “The question is.. what were you doing..” he said intertwining our legs together. “I was just unpacking more stuff.” “Alright baby.” he said softly kissing my forehead. I smiled, scooting in even closer with him. I laid there for the next couple of minutes, my mind going threw everything possible. Half listening to his deep breathing in my ear, and half tuning into my own thoughts. I jumped a bit when I heard something however, he didn’t move at all. I heard it again and this time it sounded like a door was being opened. “Bruno.” I whispered pushing at his chest. “What..?” he groaned pulling me closer. “Somethings going on.” I said quickly making him start to sit up. “What?” he said again more alert. “Noises I don’t know.” I said shrugging and trying to whisper the best I could. He pushed himself out the bed, grabbing a pair of his jeans from the floor. I could tell by the expression on his face, that he wasn’t really wanting to do anything right now. “Stay here.” he said pointing back to me as he opened our bedroom door. I sat back on the bed more, holding the covers to me. I listened to the flickering of lights of doors being opened and closed. He came back a few minutes later rubbing his face, “Diamond it’s nothing.” “But, I heard..” “It’s a new house..” he said cutting me off. “Okay..” I said quickly before he could keep complaining. He stripped back down this time setting his jeans neatly in the chair in the corner. He crawled back into the bed taking me in his arms again, “You need to sleep.” he said softly closing his eyes again. I honestly wasn’t the one who needed sleep it was him, and that was all that was on his mind. It had been a long day, considering that instead of making the move-in a two day thing Bruno got this great idea to just do it all in one day. Of course he over worked himself but, nonetheless I was glad that we we’re here.

“What do you mean you’re not coming?!” I heard Diamond yell from behind me as she was on the phone. I pressed my lips together, picking up the remote and turning the volume up more on the TV. “I don’t care Julio you’re coming.” she said making her voice more calm. I let out an unsatisfied groan, trying to put my focus into the show that I was watching but, it just wasn’t there. I knew he hated me, he always had. Diamond kept telling me over and over that it was just tough love. Tough love my ass. All of these years he never came around but, for some reason I guess Diamond was fed up with the fact that he didn’t. Or her mother was starting to get into it. He had never approved of me as her boyfriend, so I was still wondering how the hell he was going to get over me as her husband. I heard her saying more things before she walked into another room and I just angrily pointed the remote at the TV turning it up even more. I dropped it to the couch running my hands across my face. ‘You’ve been good all these years Bruno, don’t let it get to you now’ I thought to myself. As I let my hands go from my face, Diamond gently sat down next to me. “Bruno..” I put my hand up, “Diamond it’s nothing.. it’s my fault.” “No it’s not.. Stop saying that.” she said looking away. “I should have made this right years ago.” “Like I said.. it’s my fault so just let him do whatever..” “I’m not going to do that..” she said getting closer to me. I turned my attention to her, staring her down. I thought before I spoke, not wanting to start an argument. “Okay baby.” I simply said looking back to the TV.  ”He needs to come around more.. he’s gonna have to come around more when we get married you know…” “This is all pointless and I’m tired of dealing with it..” she said after I didn’t respond to her last comment. “So you wait till’ now to deal with it?” I said looking over to her. Wrong thing to say. “What makes you think I haven’t been trying for years and years to get him to come around? I hate having to choose between my family and you Bruno, that’s so hard.” she said gesturing with her hands and raising her voice. “I know..” I said trying to calm her down. I just shook my head, running my hand across my face again, “Just fuck it.” I got up walking around her. “Bruno please don’t walk away..” “I don’t wanna argue Diamond.. I’m tired of arguing.” I said shrugging my shoulders and walking towards the kitchen.

I shook my head as I turned back around. I should have never pushed this off for all of these years. Now it had sank in, and Julio had got so many reasons more not to like Bruno. I had never really told Bruno everything he had said, and how he really felt. I was so fearful that Bruno would just keep to himself more than he already did, and not even open himself up to my mom. It’s all sad because before Bruno came around my brother was almost like my best friend. I could tell him anything and he could tell me the same. You really didn’t find that much in a brother sister relationship nowadays so that’s why I made sure I treasured it. But, it seemed that the bad caught back up with us. We stopped talking all together because he was unhappy with the fact that I was with Bruno. And for the most part, I would lie to my mom telling her that I had talked to him and I think that he has been doing the same. I knew it would really hurt my mom’s feelings if she knew what was really going on, especially since dad was gone. At least my dad had began to like and accept Bruno even after my brother tried so hard to get him to turn against him. I loved my brother to death and I always will but, sometimes I just didn’t know. He was fine for some years and I felt like he kept everything to himself, guessing that me and Bruno weren’t really going to last. But, after awhile I think he realized that I was falling in love with him. I will always remember till’ this day the first time he told me that he hated him.

January 2010

“Yes ma’am we’ll be over in a couple of hours.” I said glancing over to the alarm clock on the nightstand. “Alright sweetie.” she said hanging up. “What did she say?” Bruno said looking up from the couch. “She said wear something nice.” He gave me a look and put his hand on his chest, “I ALWAYS look nice.” I bent down and picked up a flannel from off of the floor putting it in front of me, “Yeah wearing these everyday, you look real nice.” I said sarcastically. “Wow that’s deep, my style gets wrecked by my own girl.” I threw it at him, “Get dressed.” He got and I quickly walked out the room into the bathroom. My phone started to ring again as I closed the door. I picked it up, smiling seeing my brother’s name across the screen. “Sup buddy.” I said smiling as I set my towel down on the toilet seat. “Diamond can I be real with you for a second.” he said quickly making me frown. “Always.. you know that.” “You need to end it with this Bruno guy..” he said like it was nothing, shocking me. “What?” I said confused and not really that sure of what he said. “I can’t hold my tongue anymore..” “But what..” “I know you may got some little love thing for him but, it won’t last. You know he’s a cheater and I swear if he hurts you Diamond.. and if he puts his hands on you..” he said all too quickly. Of course I only picked up the last part, “Bruno would never hit me.” I said a bit offended.

He sort of laughed, “Yeah okay..” “Julio are you serious right now?” “As a heart attack.” I frowned looking at the floor, “But you can’t just do this or say this and not have any reasons..” “I see how he acts.. and I know he’s not right for you.. and I just don’t want to see you hurt.. cause I will have to hurt him.” I shook my head, feeling my heart being tugged at. “Just leave him where he is now, he’s not going to change..” “I bet he can change..” I said still taking up for him. “See this is what happened to you in high school.. this is exactly what happened..” “Don’t bring that up.” I said trying to keep my voice calm. “Then do something about it, and don’t make it a repeat.” he said hanging up. I slowly brung the phone down from my ear. “Diamond.” I heard Bruno call out. I put my hand to my face, “Yes Bru?” “I need help.” I heard him say closer to the door this time. I took a deep breath getting myself together before I opened the door. He smiled, “Hat or no hat?” he said putting it on and off. I smiled at his goofy face as he kept doing it over and over. I reached up and pushed the hat on his head, “Hat Bru.” I grabbed his ears before bringing my hands down over his face rubbing my thumbs on his cheeks. “You alright?” he said his smile dimming. “I’m fine babe.”

I tried to grab Bruno’s hand as we walked out the door but, he moved it walking ahead of me. This had been the worst dinner we had ever been to at my parents house. “Bruno.. I’m sorry..” He mumbled something to his self walking towards the car angrily trying to unbutton his shirt. “Bruno listen..” I said resting my chin on the top of the car. “What?” he said raising his voice as he started to open the car door. I just stared at him wishing he would calm down, “I’m sorry..” “Yeah well you know I’m sorry too..” “But it’s not you’re fault don’t blame yourself..” “What other reasons does he have to act like that towards me huh? I don’t think I deserve it. I mean I try to be a good boyfriend, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. Your dad can’t even make eye contact with me and I’m sitting there wondering what’s going on.. and you wait till after dinner is over to tell me or at least TRY to tell me what’s going on.. and I STILL don’t understand..” he said rambling on looking in all different directions. I looked up to the sky like it had all the answers. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” he said making me bring my head back down. “What?” “Is there more to what you’re telling me?” “No.. I told you everything..” I lied. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to tell him how much my brother really disliked him. He adjusted his hat, “Let’s just go.” he said before he opened the car door. I let out a unsatisfied sigh as I moved down and opened my door. The entire ride home was silent, and he knew that I hated it so much. I told myself that I was going to hope and pray that this got better because I loved Bruno to death and I just couldn’t give up on, at least not right now.

Happy Thanksgiving Mama.” I said scooping her up in a big hug. She kissed my cheek, “Same to you, you didn’t burn any food did you?” she asked as we unlocked. I giggled, “Of course not.. I had Diamond in the kitchen with me again this year.” I said nodding back to her. She smiled to her and then scooped her into a hug as well. I greeted the rest of my family, happy to see my sisters. I was a bit worn out but, I was sure that I was going to make it threw the day. I moved into a new house, won an award, gave a speech, and even got started on a new song all in one week. That’s some real hard work if you ask me. I showed my mom and sisters around the house, showing them where they would be staying tonight. Of course they all told me that this wouldn’t be the last night that they stayed over and I told them that I didn’t mind at all. I grabbed at my stomach right as we finished off our little tour. I knew that there was no where near time to eat yet, but I at least needed a snack to calm me down. I told my sisters and mother that they could continue to unpack and do whatever while we waited for everyone else. I snuck into the kitchen finding Diamond standing at the counter her back towards me, texting away on her phone. I creeped up behind her grabbing her around her waist picking her up making her let out a scream. “Bruno oh my god!” she said as I put her back down. I smiled pulling her back in my arms again, “What’s up?” “Nothing..” she said dully looking away. “Hey.” I said squeezing her more. “Talk to me.”

“Julio is almost here… and I haven’t seen him in years Bruno.” I looked away my mood suddenly changing with the thought of him. “Well.. it’s a good time.. I bet he misses you.” I said turning back to her. She smirked, “I miss him a lot.” I knew that Diamond barely talked to her brother because of me but, I tried not to think about it. As much as my family mean’t to me, I just couldn’t find myself not even speaking to them for a couple of days let alone almost 2 years. “It’s fine.. maybe he thinks different now you know..” I said lying to my own self remembering their conversation a couple of days ago. “Yeah..” she said looking away. “Maybe..” “I’ll talk to him okay?” I said without thinking. That was honestly the last thing I wanted to do. She frowned, “Talk to him?” “Yeah man to man.. we can talk about it.” I said shrugging not realizing what I was getting myself into. “Maybe that’s not a good idea Bru..” she said shaking her head. “Na don’t sweat it.. we need to move past this..” I said letting her go. “But..” “Smells nice in here..” Eric said walking into the room. I turned to him smiling as he started opening up pans of food. “I can’t wait.” he said rubbing his stomach. “We’ll talk later.” I said kissing Diamond on her forehead. “Okay Bru..” she said as I walked away touching her hand a little. I went over slapping hands with Eric, “Where the hell you been man?” “You know hanging out with the fam.. that’s you that don’t invite no one over anymore..” he said making me giggle. “Yeah well we got the new chill pad out in the back so more BBQs I promise.” I said smiling.

“I’ll get it.” I said closing the pot of food I had just got done stirring. I walked out into the living room meeting Bruno halfway before I got the door. I poked him in his stomach playfully, “I said I got it.” He laughed pushing my hands away, “I’m excited.” “Okay..” I mouthed to him as I went to the door. I opened it to my mother’s smiling face and I felt myself almost breakdown. She threw her arms around me and I did the same, smiling like a fool. “Look at you..” she said as we unlocked looking me up and down. “And look at you…” she said looking at Bruno. “Are you feeding this boy?” she said hugging him as well making us both laugh. “Yeah..” I said as he put his arm around me. “I’m so glad to be here..” she said as she stepped in. I looked over to Bruno whose smile slowly started to fade away. I turned to the door, watching Julio get out of his car. Suddenly my good feelings that everything was going to be alright, turned to bad vibes….