Chapter 9 Life is good

24/03/2012 17:53


“…Because I love you” I literally froze right there I was stuck in shock. I’ve been waiting to hear him say that for the past few years and now he finally did! Oh man this as just the awesome day…Crap I can’t wait this long to answer back.

”..I love you too” After I said that he leaned in and kissed me. His lips were so soft and warm and  it was so perfect! To top it off these three guys came in and started serenading us

“Bruno really?”

“Yeah I only want the best for girlfriend”

“Aww Bruno you didn’t have to do this”

“No I didn’t..But I wanted too.”

“Bruno…You’re amazing”

“Not as amazing as you…I can’t even tell the stars are even shinning right now looking in your eyes..”


“Shhh…” Then he leaned in again and kissed me longer this time

“I wish we could stay like this forever”

“We can if we really want to…I’m moving in tomorrow”

“Oh that’s right but I just don’t want anything bad to happen to break us apart”

“And nothing will…we’re together now nothing can separate us”

“Your right. Just one more thing”


“Kiss me again”

“You don’t have to tell me twice” That made me laugh and then he kissed me again and it felt like the first time just how everything was going so right like on our first date. This night was just so perfect. Later on that night he took me around the boardwalk and by the lake and everything was just going so right but then I noticed that it was like 10:45 and I had to be home by 11.

“Bruno we gotta go it’s almost my curfew”

“Great…Well by tomorrow I get to be with you all the time”

“I can’t wait…” We just stared at each other for a couple seconds when he said

“We gotta go I don’t wanna give a bad impression”

“Gosh your such a gentlemen..Let’s go!” So we got in the car and I really didn’t wanna go home and I had to go to school tomorrow and I just really wanted to be with Bruno but that’s life I guess.

“Wanna take me the longer way?”

“I do but won’t you get in trouble?”

“Nope my aunt is one of the cool aunts who understand teenagers and she won’t care”

“Ok I’ll take you the long way home” And we touched we kissed and that was probably the best night ever. Then when we pulled up in the drive way he undid my seatbelt and said

“Goodbye kiss?” Then I leaned in and kissed him and we started kissing very aggressively our hands were all over each other. When he said

“Hey I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Ok bye” I leaned in and kissed him again and I looked at his pants and laughed


“Oh nothing”

“Tell me”

I said this while laughing “Umm i think some needs a cold shower”

He looked down and looked at me and said “Good job Sadie”

“Ahh anytime…anytime”

“I love you”

“I love you too Bruno” After that I finally left his car and went inside then Travie came up to me and said

“Ohhh you were out with Bruno again”

“Yeahhh” I said that really giddy and girlie

“You must really like this guy…I haven’t seen you like this in a while…You’re just so happy”

“I know! I don’t just like him..I love him”

“Ewww Save this scene from the notebook for Mel!”

“Ha ha ha you’re so funny. Now get to bed!”

“Ugh fine” I cannot wait for tomorrow! I get to tell Mel about today and Bruno’s gonna move in and I just can’t wait!

**The next day**


When I woke up I was happy to see that Bruno texted me and said

‘Hey babe today’s the day! Cnt wait 2 c u again’ I couldnt help but smile at that

Then Aunt Camille came in and said

“Hey babes you getting ready for school?”


“I’m guessing your texting your boyfriend right now”

“Yeahhh…Thank you for letting me and Travie and Bruno stay here”

“Oh your welcome I know your dad would do the same if something for Macy and Aaden if something happened to me and Wren.” Aaden was 15 and Macy was 11

“Yeah well I better get changed for school now”

“Yeah go on…breakfast is on the table”

**At School**

“Mel yester was just awesome I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way” We were walking towards our lockers

“Girl that’s great!”

“He even told me he loves me”

“Oh my gosh did you say it back?”

“Of course!”

“You are just so lucky to have a guy like that…Here he comes..”

“Oh my God do I look ok?”

“Yesh you look fine…Hey Bruno”

“Hey Mel!” Then she walked away

“Hey babe”


“I can’t wait until you move in today then I get to be with you all the time”

“Yeah I can’t wait either…Its gonna be awesome”

**One Month Later**


So today Travie’s birthday and everyday hes becoming more and more like a little brother. Even though I moved out a couple weeks ago I still come over here a lot. Man I miss being over here all the time being able to spend every night with Sadie..And no we didnt do anything even though I wanted to..I got to get to know Travie a lot better and also Aaden and Macy.

“Hey Bruno, can you get my wallet it’s on my table in my room?”

“Ya sure Sadie” When I walked in there It was really cluttered but I found her wallet and I stumbled on a note I gave her. It was the one where I was finally asking her out it said

Look I know we’ve been friends for a while now  But, I just feel like I can confess
to you.. It’s gonna be hard but.. Alright here it goes…Imagine that the pillow that you cried on was my chest, and the tissue that you wiped your face with was my hand Girl imagine if you needed advice about some other guy, I’m the one that comes to mind I don’t wanna  hear you tell anyone that I’m just a friend, just trying to make sure I’m that body that you call your man, and anytime you need a shoulder, It shows not a day, but what I’m tryna’ say is, I wanna be. The last number you call late at night,first one that you dial when you open your eyes…Wanna be the one you run to, wanna be one that wont hurt you, I wanna be him, I wanna be the man makin your friends jealous, be the guy
that’s shuttin’ down all the other guys.. I just really wanna be with you Im tired of hiding my feelings so will you go out with me Friday night?

Wowthat was a long time ago but Im glad I did it. Now its almost time for graduation and that means I have to leave and Sadie made up her mind that she would come with me to California with me..This is all just going right I dont know what can possibly go wrong now…