Intro&Chapter 1-5

19/04/2011 18:30

Before I start I just want to say FlyyintoMars inspired me to write a story. If u need me to change anything that u feel is bad let meh know.



          I couldn't belive it. I was finally going to a Bruno Mars concert. The best part was it was a meet and greet. I couldnt wait. That day I dressed up extra nice for the event. Not too much though. It was casual sheek. At 2:30 pm I finally got my chance with Bruno. "Hey beautiful" he said. I just blushed and say "Hi". We took a few pictures and chatted for a while. Then he gave me his autograph. On it was his phone number. Then he said "call me". By the time I got home my face was red and all smiley. I didn't wanna see desperate , so I waited a day to call him. At 5:08 pm I called him. On the first ring he picked up. "Hey brown eyes" Bru bru said. We talked for a few minutes then he asked me if I wanted to go skating with him at 7:00 pm. I couldn't help, but say Yes. "See you later brown eyes". "bye" I said. At 6:50 I arrived at the skating rink in some short shorts a purple and black plaid shirt with my purple skates on. I looked around for a while but I didnt see him. I figured he might be late or on the skating rink. So I went on the skating rink and there he was kissing another girl. I couldnt belive it. I knew I shouldn't have come. He was just another singer that was a player. I knew I should have ran ran ran ran ranaway baby before he got his spell on me. 



                     I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Bruno turned around and saw me. He yelled for me, but I didn't want to hear it. I quickly ran out tears filling in my eyes. The next couple days Bruno kept calling. Then one day something just told me to answer the phone. "What do you want" I said. "I want to apologize and start over" he said. "Well why don't you go start something with that girl you were kissin" I said. "I didn't come on to her she came on to me" Bru bru said. "mhmm sure" I said. "I'll prove it to u" he said. He sent me an email of the survalence camera at the skatin rink. He was right. She did come on to him. In fact he pushed her away but she did it again. Thats when I came in. "Ok so you were telling the truth" I said. "You know I would never doing anything to hurt you. We talked a little while longer and he asked me for a redo date. Of course I said yes. I put on my red skinny jeans and a black shirt with a heart. Right as I walked in I saw him sitting on the bench. "ready to hit the rin" I said laughing. "sure" he said. We skated for a while then he said that he wanted to play a song before we left. he went up to the Dj and told him wat he wanted him to play. "Alright men grab you girl its time to slow thing down with a couple skate" the DJ announced. Just the way you are came on. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the center of the ring. I was speechless. Then we kissed.It was like electricity. His lips were so soft. After he held my hand singing just the way you are to me. I was happy that I answered that phone call.



                     After we went back to my house and had a cup of tea. We cuddled and watched tv just for a while. I looked into his eyes and me looked into mine. We started mackin like there was no tommorow. He guided me to the bed room and layed me on the bed. I knew where this was going. Before we could continue I yelled "Wait stop I don't think I wanna do this" "Whats wrong he said" Well, Umm I'm" I said "its my first time".


Sorry its so short I couldn't think of anything.



                 "We don't have to do this if you don't want " he said. i thought about for a few seconds. Was he the one. Something was telling me I should go on with it. "Ok fine" I said. "You sure" Bruno said. "Yes" I said as I pulled him down on me. So we just went with it. His touch was so soft and warm. He had a little 6 pack going on which turned me on more. It was like he had done this a million times. He knew exactly just how to treat me. When the moaning, groaning and giggling died down he asked me "So how was your first time?". "Wow" I gasped. That was all I could say.


Once again srry its short couldn't think of much. I think I am gonna do 2 chapters a day.



I decided to change the name because Mars Sars didn't seem to interresting. But I'm proabably not going to change the others. Ok so here we go.


                 The rest of the night we just cuddled. Eventually I fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and Bruno was gone. On my desk was a note.

                 Dear beautiful,

                           Had to go to work. Will call you later.<3



He could have woken me to tell me he was living, but a note was still good. I grabbed the phone and called my best friend Kara. "Omg you wouldn't believe what happened" "You talking in text talk again" she said. "Srry there is a lot to tell you". "Ok shoot" " I just had my first time with Bruno Mars!""The guy with the hat" yes!""Oh he seems like a jerk" "Whatever I think he is really sweet""Omg he is calling I'll call you back ok""Ok Bye""Bye"

"hey beautiful srry I only left a not you wouldn't wake up""Sorry I need my beauty sleep""So thats how your so beautiful"I just laughed. "hey wanna come to my house today and watch some movies" I said. "sure, but theres something I wanna ask you""Sure anything""You know that girl at the skating rink, well shes stalking me? Should I get a restraining order""definately""Ok got it see you later"Bye"

Later that day Bruno came over with scary movie and strawberries with whip cream. "hey beautifl" he saaid. "Did you ever learn my real name "i laughed. "Just letting ya know" Bruno said. "It's alright loverboy" I took the food out of his hand and put it on the table with the other snacks. We popped in the Boogie Man. "Aaaaahh this is too scary" i said hiding in bruno's chest. "Don't wprry i'll protect you'. I grabbed a strawberry and put it in his mouth."Everything you touch makes it better""Don't get corny on me" We both laughed. At about 1:00 am we fell asleep in each others arms. Suddenly I woke up to the sound of breaking glass...