Intro&Chapter 1

19/04/2011 22:16


Suddenly my eyes open and I feel an excruciating pain all over my body. I look around the room I’m in, it looks familiar and I strain myself to bring memories of how I ended up here. It was like someone had erased everything in my mind and I felt like a lost soul. I try to relax taking deep breaths and like a flash of lightning everything that had happened started flooding in to my mind. Now I remember, i had gone into labor at the hospital, in the very room that im in now but then I wondered, where’s my baby??!! I look down at my tummy and my baby bump is gone! i turn my head everywhere frantically searching for a face that I know but to my avail there was no one. I want to scream but not even a sound comes out of my mouth. Where is everyone I asked myself, where are my loved ones, where is my baby, why do I feel alone??? So many questions. I look at the window outside and its bright with rain drops sliding down the window sill. Staring at the window, I felt like I was being drifted away to another world. I snapped back to reality when one of the machines I was connected to started beeping and I felt my body become light and my head was becoming fuzzy. People rush into my room which seconds ago felt like the loneliest place on this earth, or even on mars. I let out a small giggle at the thought of mars. It seemed like I’ve been asleep forever. In the midst of the doctor and the nurses I see a face that I was longing to see, a face that had brightened all the dark days of my life, a face that could make any pain go away, a face that had the power to change the world, a face so influential and handsome that it was too good to be on this earth but most of all, it was a face that looked amazing just the way it is. 



Chapter 1

it was a typical day in the life of a 19 year old.  I had just started to go to college in the fall and was getting used to the new environment. Coping  with my new lifestyle was hard. I had rented an apartment in LA because I knew it was time for me to be independent and although I missed my family dearly, I knew I had made the right choice. I missed my mum’s cupcakes, my dad’s hugs and my home which was always ever so sweetly filled with music. I already decided to pay off the rent on my own by teaching some children how to play the piano and guitar. I’ve always preferred piano over a guitar and I’ve found myself many a times wondering why. All these thoughts about home and music started making my eyes blurry! “I need to snap out of this”, I said to myself and slowly walked over to my big black piano which stood by the window in the corner of my room. It was the piano that my dad bought me for my 7th birthday. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, I was filled with so much joy and laughter, it felt like the best birthday ever. I used to play the piano with my parents for hours and hours like there was no tomorrow and like there was not a thing in this world to worry about. “im glad you raised me with so much love mummy and daddy, you guys will always be the best parents ever, I’ll visit you soon” I thought to myself and placed my fingers on the keys. I sat on my stool and started playing a soothing melody, so calm, so peaceful I felt like I was drifting away  in the clouds. Playing my piano had always taken me through the bad times and made me feel much better and content.  I was in a world full of melodies for quite some time when suddenly my hands came to a stop to the sound of my doorbell ring.

“im coming” I shouted and ran to the door.

“who could it be, I barely know anyone here” I thought to myself as I opened the door.



“you must be my new neighbor, im jason”

“hey jason”

"I live right upstairs and thought i'd stop by and welcome you, oh by the way, that was an amazing piano piece you played"

"aww, no im not that good" i giggled

“oh im sorry, im Ashley by the way” and I shook his hand.

“you seem sweet” he said

“thank you”

“ well if you need any help, I live right upstairs” he said

“you’ll be the first one I call”

“okay…gotta go…byee”

“I didn’t even ask you in”

“that’s ok, another time maybe…see ya”

He waved and started walking away.

“see ya” I yelled as I waved back and slowly shut the door.

I fell on my couch which seemed very comfy at the time and turned on my TV, I was switching through the channels when the next thing I knew I had fallen asleep. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. “oh no” I said to myself as I looked at the time. I was running late for college. I quickly took a shower, put on my denim shorts and blue T-Shirt and jumped in to my sneakers as I grabbed my bag and headed outside.

I got into my tiny red car, plunged at the accelerator and drove away into streets filled with vehicles. On my way I thought I’d stop by the store and get some books that I needed for an assignment. So I rushed into the store towards the book shelf. I had a pretty hard time finding the necessary books I wanted  and It was really frustrating as I was already late for college, and no,  the last person you’d want to piss of by being late is the mean lecturer who takes the morning class. “phew…  atlast” I said to myself as I spotted the book i wanted. It seemed like I was there for hours so I hurried back to pay for my stuff. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, slipping in a few places here and there . apparently I was running so fast that I collided head on head with a guy standing near the magazine stand. We pulled each other’s clothes as we came crashing onto the floor!! Everything happened so fast, I couldn’t even remember how I ended up on the floor for a few seconds. I felt my head take a 360 degree spin.  eventually i regained my senses but as I lifted my head up , I saw Lying on the floor, the most gorgeous guy  I’d ever seen. He had smooth, silky, curly hair with big brown eyes that just stares into your soul. I was expecting him to be mad but he had the smile of an angel.

"are you guys ok" said a voice from behind us. It was a tall dark guy wearing glasses with a black frame whom I assumed was the friend of the guy I had just knocked over.

“im sorry” i said as i started picking my books off the floor

“what’s your hurry?” he asked

“oh im just late for something” I told him

“well, a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be knocking over people” he smiled

I blushed and I wished he didn’t see that. A compliment from a really hot guy had just made my day.

“I need to get going, you better be careful next time sweety” he said as he walked away.

“sweety? What a flirt!” I thought to myself as I hurried to the counter and paid for my stuff.