19/05/2011 18:07

"Bye Marybeth!" I walk out of the office leaving my best friend to finish her shift. I hate my office job so much! Your just sitting there all day filling out papers and being ordered to do stuff by your boss and being yelled at for screwing up. I always thought it would be amazing if I could sing and go on tour and see all these new places but I never got the nerve to audition. I walk down to the parking garage and get into my car and turn on the radio. A Bruno Mars song comes on. Everytime I hear his voice I smile. He's amazing and has so much talent and he's super good looking! I start day dreaming about getting to meet him someday and then I get this really weird thought. He's on tour and he's here in Georgia, how weird would it be if his tour bus broke down in front of my house and he needed somewhere to stay for the night. I'm the only house on my block. How weird would that be? That could never happen though! Or could it?



I stop by the cafe by my house to grab some dinner and then I go to the store to pick up a few things and head home. I get about a block away from my house and this voice in the back of my head keeps saying They’re gonna be there.......They’re gonna be there......I try to shake the voice off but as i turn down my road I think my heart stops beating. There sitting on my driveway looking relieved was Bruno, Eric, Phil, Jamareo, Phred, and Kenji. HOLY. S*IT! They all stand up and wave and I wave back. I pull into my driveway and give myself a quick check in the mirror. I get out of my car and walk to the end of my drive way. "Hi! Do you guys need somewhere to stay for the night?"