Updates... Finally (again sorry for the long wait!)

01/07/2012 19:53

All At Once 41-46, Above the Stars 92-106, Angel 12-17 (END -> so I move it to the Already finished section), Before The Fame 43+44 (by the way she started Before The Fame 2 (from Bruno's POV) - I can't put it on this site but if some of you want to read it here's the link for it on tumblr: https://beforethefame2.tumblr.com/ ), Blackout Tonight 8-20, Blue Hearted Candy 9-11, Music Of The Sun 9-15 (END -> so I put it in the Already finished section), Can I 29-31, I Care 8, I'd wait for life 54, Luck After All 24-28, Mars & Beyond 79-94, Me & Mr Hernandez 30-32, Much more of it 74+75, Take A Chance 8, The Good Life 115-129, Watching Her Move 17

+ CherryForever (Last part of Cherry's trilogy) in Already finished section...